My husband and I lost two granddaughters, an unspeakable tragedy in itself, coupled with sharing the pain other loved ones have to bear. I want to keep them near me, to visit anywhere, anytime I choose. I like to leave them messages and other remembrances - little gifts and seasonal things I thought they would enjoy.

Loved ones who have passed often enter our minds at unexpected times. We may be reminded of them by almost anything, anywhere, anytime. Sometimes they are in our minds constantly. We love and miss them and wish they were back with us. We look for solace, but often it is not there. If we can find a quiet time to reflect and "visit" when those times are the hardest, or when we would be comforted by feeling closer to them, it might help bring us peace.


This website is meant to offer one more way to "connect" with them, to take a moment to reflect on time spent together, remember special shared moments, bring back cherished memories, even leave messages and items for special occasions. It is a simple memorial place, a place for quiet reflection, a virtual final resting place to visit when we feel the need. 


I offer this website to you in memory of my grandchildren who had their whole lives ahead of them and whom I think about every day. I hope you find some comfort creating your memorial page to keep your passed loved ones right there on your phone and access when you choose. Leave comments, bouquets, and commemorative items for special occasions and seasons.

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Grandpa and Julie.png

Julie and Grandpa

Julie's pleased with a Christmas gift!