Celebrating life

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Life goes on. Celebrate it!

Your loved one loved you and would not have wanted you to miss out on living a happy, satisfying life just because he or she is gone. Of course, you will never forget them. You will carry them forever in your heart, reliving memories from the past, enjoying a smile or chuckle when thinking of something you shared and, of course missing them. Life does go on, though, and there are some very nice ways to remember and honor your loved one, ways that make you feel good and that help others in need, ways that your loved one might have wanted to be remembered.

Loveliveson.com lists over 100 ways to celebrate your loved one’s life. Here are a few I especially liked from their list along with some of my own suggestions. You can google the subject of interest or, if you like, or comment on this post asking for resources and I will provide some.

  • Donate to a cause that could help people suffering from the same ailment your loved one was, like cancer research or heart research or research in some other relevant area being done by a reputable institution.

  • Donate to a children’s hospital, such as St. Jude’s Hospital for Children, Shriner’s Hospital, or another one of your choice.

  • Name a star after your loved one. My husband and I did that after the death of our first grandchild, Heather.

  • Plant a memorial tree. You might have a sapling sent to a place your loved one enjoyed visiting. When our second granddaughter, Julie, died, a friend of ours had a tree planted in Israel, a gesture we really treasured.

  • Have a piece of jewelry engraved and wear it from time to time.

  • Make a quilt or, if your loved one enjoyed cooking, create a recipe book of their favorite recipes, or create a playlist of their favorite music.

  • Start a scholarship in your loved one’s name if you can afford it

  • Make a teddy bear out of a piece of your loved one’s clothing. Our local hospice created this one for us out of t-shirts our Julie tie-dyed herself.

Teddy bear made from t-shirts Julie tie-dyed

There many more ideas listed on the loveliveson.com website. I also remember hearing that families who have donated organs, when possible and appropriate, feel that their loved one lives on in the body of the recipient. To me, that can be very comforting!

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